Unlimited Bevels & Styles

Contours for Adobe Photoshop to create stunning layer styles as you did never before


Version 1.0.0
Software Photoshop CS and any later version
OS Mac, Win
File Type ASL, SHC
File Size 6.5MB
License Regular license


Package with 10 custom Contours, plus 20 Layer Styles as examples and a reference on how to build styles. It is super easy to get started because there are and 10 Layer Styles with default Bevels and custom Contours only, apply it and start building your style!


Styles and custom contours will be delivered in zip package. After extracting content look for a folder: 'Unlimited Bevels and Styles'. Open the Preset Manager menu in Photoshop from: Edit > Presets > Preset Manager, and 'load' the Styles and Contours from that window. If you need help, just look for the PDF file inside the Unlimited Bevels and Styles folder and that will guide you through the rest.

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