Leather & Paper Patterns

2 sets with 48 different Leather and Paper seamless tiling patterns


Version 1.0.0
Software Photoshop CS and any later version
OS Mac, Win
File Type PAT
File Size 100MB
License Regular license


Package Leather and Paper Patterns contains 2 sets with 48 different seamless tiling patterns and PDF help files. Leather set contains 13 and Paper set contains 35 different patterns in following sizes:

  • 128x128px
  • 256x256px
  • 512x512px
  • 1024x1024px

Patterns are useful for web and print design as backgrounds, fills for fashion and other elements, photo overlays but also and to create layer styles.


Patterns will be delivered in .zip package. After extracting content please look for a folder named 'Leather and Paper Patterns'. Please do not forget to check PDF help file with instructions on how to use and how to get most of this product.

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