Grid Layouts Actions

Create layout with 2-100 images clipped to: squares, rectangles, circles or hexagons


Version 1.0.0
Software Photoshop CS and any later version
OS Mac, Win
File Type ATN
File Size 4MB
License Regular license


Extremely flexible and easy to use Photoshop actions to create layout or design elements which requires 2-100 images inside or clipped to: squares, rectangles, rounded rectangles, circles or hexagons. Actions are recorded using percentages and does not depends on recorded sizes. You can type any size and resolution at the beginning of each action and template with chosen layout will be created. After creating desired template, action will guide you to place all required image/graphics.


Actions will be delivered in the .zip package. After extracting content please look for a folder named 'Grid Layouts'. Please do not forget to check PDF help file with instructions on how to use and how to get most of this product.

Video tutorial

Here is video tutorial with instructions how to use Grid Layouts Actions. You can also watch this video on YouTube

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