Gallery Style Mockups

16 PSD mockups to present 1-3 images in a gallery style


Version 1.0.0
Software Photoshop CS and any later version
OS Mac, Win
File Type PSD
File Size 227MB
License Regular license


Gallery mockups collection with 16 PSD files is created to help you when posting your photos online or to be used in print/epub material as a part of the publication. Instead of boring plain photos on your Facebook wall or in your publication, you can place that photo in some of the provided mockups and make things more interesting. All mockups are created in a non-destructive manner so it is easy to change everything or to adopt/build upon the existing composition. You can use mockups in other Adobe products like Illustrator or InDesign from where you can open the file in Photoshop and place your image(s).


Files will be delivered in .zip package. After extracting content please look for a folder named 'Gallery Mockups'.

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