Painting & Classic Frames

Package with 20 + 20 different frames in PSD and PNG file formats


Version 1.0.0
Software Photoshop CS and later, Photoshop Elements 11 and later
OS Mac, Win
File Type PSD, PNG
File Size 156MB
License Regular license


There are total of 40 frames in this package: 10 vertical 5x7in and 10 horizontal 10x8in in PSD format + 20 frames in PNG file format with transparent background. Optionally you can automate process with provided Data Sets and export 99 different images with the same frame as overlay..


Frames will be delivered to you in .zip package. After unzipping package look at your desktop for folder 'Painting and Classic Frames'. Inside main folder you will see 3 sub-folders and I strongly recommend you to read: Painting and Classic Frames User Guide.pdf which is inside Help folder. User guide contains all information's how to properly use and get most of product with lot of screenshots, detailed step by step instructions and customization tips.

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