About Photoshop Plus

The idea behind Photoshop Plus is to help you in your photography and design tasks with high-quality extensions and recommended plugins.

Who is behind Photoshop Plus

My name is Bojan Živković. I live in Niš, Serbia. I am long time freelancer, Photoshop instructor, Photoshop Certified Expert and Adobe Community Professional.

Why should you use Photoshop extensions?

You should use extensions like: patterns, actions, templates, mockups to speed up your workflow and to skip repetitive and boring tasks. When using extensions you will have more time for creativity and for experiments.

Why should you use Photoshop Plugins ?

Photoshop plugins will save you tons of time and speed up your workflow. Some plugins have options which are a combination of Photoshop capabilities grouped and sometimes and extended.There are also and ready-made, customizable effects which are a combination of many filters and options in Photoshop for which you need to spend lots of time to learn how to use and combine them.

I am recommending Photoshop plugins to beginners but also and advanced users to save time and to spend it on creative parts which can not be automated.

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